Hey there! Just thought I'd let you know that you're added to my 'favorite followings' list! Have a great day(: xx

Aw thank you love! x

omfg why are you not posting much anymore Frofheiugrhe iLy sO MUch anD Like <3 MY DASH IS DEAD WITHOuT you <3 xx

aw I’m sorry, I’ve had some stuff going on and tumblr was at the bottom of my priority list. But I’m getting back into tumblr :) x

why is zayn on crutches tho lulz

I’m pretty sure he sprained his ankle x

just saying, that link that was supposedly harry's twitcam, i didn't click it but i know what it is because i have this thing where i memorise links and since I've seen that one before i knew what it was. that and in the corner of safari it says the link before you click it so i knew what it was. mwahahahahaha i win

I do that too, don’t worry hahahahaha. 



thankyou! x

No worries! x

you have a great blog! but what is a good multi-fandom blog?

Ok haha thankyou!

Um, I really like phelphte :-)

good multi-fandom blog

Are you asking for one? Or saying that mine is? 


I follow you on twitter and obviously on here but I just wanted to tell you something. You're beautiful and loved and deserve to be alive. I don't know what's going on right now but if you ever need somebody I am always here. I know people say that and it's hard to actually talk to them but please if you ever need someone I am here. I can't give you the best advice but I will listen to you and I won't judge you. Stay strong beautiful ♥

Thankyou, I really appreciate this ♥

you're like the only person on my dash, god bless you!

seriously?! hahahha!

I know I have NEVER talked to you before but I can't stand what I'm seeing on my dash right now. How the fuck can people live with themselves when they have given someone shit for nothing. I'm sure you're not worthless and a beautiful person. To the people giving hate, I feel very very sorry for you. You must have issues that you do need to sort out but don't take it out on other people. Thankyou. x

Thankyou xxx

tell the haters to go shit on themselves while you eat chicken wings

Haters, you listening? 

well you always complain about everything you whinge about what you look like well guess what you have to cope with it even if you are fat

Well I obviously cope with how fat I am; no matter what I do it just doesn’t go away.

I think those people who are commenting negative things should get out of your blog and stop what they're doing since it's your blog and you can do anything you want. :)

Thankyou xxxxxx

you really piss me off sometimes, ngl